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Creative Connections

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Event Description

Creative Connections is a six-day high school advanced visual and performing arts activity for 150 students who are talented and interested in the arts. The basic objective of this activity is to provide the students with activities that provide them with the opportunity to expand and improve on their talents beyond what is viable in their local schools. Each year ten classes are offered with 15 students assigned to each class. Each class has an expert instructor who is assisted by a DoDDS instructor. Two "stateside or European" experts are usually contracted to teach a class each with eight DoDDS teachers filling the other lead instructor slots.

Courses may include, but are not limited to, such subjects as dance, Broadway show choir, drama, painting, pottery, fashion design, puppetering, poetry writing, music composition, and etching. The instruction culminates with an art exhibition and stage show on the last evening of the activity. This activity is open to the public.

The students are selected for this activity on the basis of an application completed by the students and a recommending teacher. The application is then sent to the Office of the Director, DoDDS-Europe. A panel of fine arts educators reviews the applications and selects the participants. There are normally over 300 applications for 150 slots. All staff members are selected from applications submitted to the Office of The Director, DoDDS-Europe A Board of Directors composed of Visual and Performing Arts Directors and the Evening Program Director governs the activity. The Project Officer with the advice of past instructors selects these individuals. The Board meets in October to plan the activity and in December to make participant selections.

The costs for this activity are primarily covered by DoDDS-Europe who contracts for the guest instructors, provides all transportation costs for students and staff, and purchases all supplies. The students pay 190.00 EUR as a registration fee, which covers the costs of room, board, and incidentals.


Event Dates

October 17-18 Planning Meeting
December 1 Applications Due
December 5-7 Selection Committee
February 23-28 Creative Connections

Board of Directors

Visual Arts Director Mindy Mapes-Root
Performing Arts Director John Bockman
Evening Activities Director Marty Benstien


Teacher Application

Teachers may apply to be a member of the Board of Directors, conductors, or fesitival assistants. Applications must be received in the DoDDS-Europe Office by May 21, 2002. Teacher Application


Student Audtion Material

Student audition materials will be announce in October 2002